michael (lovebotsrevenge) wrote,

I don't wanna be a socialist

Everyone at my work thinks that rich people should be forced to help out poor people. As a poor person (comparatively) I am insulted by this. I make a little over a grand a month, and while this is great in sub-saharan Africa, it doesn't get you much here. But I am okay with that. I can mostly pay my bills. I sometimes wish a random rich person would will me their life's savings, but I would kind of like it to be their choice, not their lawful and patriotic duty. More than that, however, I would like to be able to come up with my own way to make some cash and do with it what I want. Ideally, if there has to be an income tax, I would like to have a big list of all the potential places for MY money to go, and I could tick each box and designate the amount of money I would like to go to that particular organization. That would be great.

But there is this stupid jealousy towards the rich, like they are evil by virtue of their vast amounts of cash. I don't think, however, that there is anything wrong with making some money and keeping it. Lots of the rich people out there had good ideas and worked hard to make a big pile of money. Yeah, I think that a good amount are born into it, and a lot have been dishonest or just unethical to make their money, but I think that having that is better than forcefully taking money from people. I call that robbery, even if it's legislated. Democracy is ruined once the poor people realize they can vote the rich people's money to themselves. Somehow, I feel like we got stuck into this rut of having unjustified anger toward the rich people instead of getting off our asses and doing something ourselves. A generation of complainers, we are.

Back to the original point, I am sort of insulted that people think that the poor are too stupid to work things out for themselves. Maybe too lazy to work hard enough to make that money, too uncreative to come up with brilliant new ideas, too unmotivated to actually do anything worthwhile. I want to come up with my own solutions, I do not want Uncle Sam to steal some cash from Bill Gates and deliver it to my apartment. Let's call the kettle black and call this socialism. It's okay, that's just what it is. It's strange to me that this system is such a colossal failure everywhere it has been attempted, yet it is still a popular idea. In France, it's illegal to work more than 35 hours a week. Sounds rad, but what if you couldn't pick up a few extra hours to pay for something? They are doing this to ensure that everyone gets their fair share of work, but it really just ensures that everyone stays poor. The world economy sucks because of these kinds of laws. I don't deserve money that others have worked for. I want it, for sure. I want to have been born an heir to some huge fortune, but the next best thing is being able to build my own fortune and give it to my kids.

Being rich isn't evil. It isn't a crime and it shouldn't carry a punishment. So everyone should stop being jealous babies and voting to steal money from people that earned it. That's right. Jealous babies.
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