michael (lovebotsrevenge) wrote,

What can I do?

Slowly, bit by bit, the private banks are being nationalized. Today the government gave another 250 billion dollars to other banks on the brink. Well, they didn't give it to them. They bought stock in the companies. Bush says this is "to preserve the free market," but federal intervention is the opposite of a free market. Trying to control this fluctuation is not letting the market be free.

It will balance itself out. People will lose money. Then they will earn it back when things get back to normal. We just experienced like ten years of excess, and the lean times have to come. It's nature. Supply and demand. I am really mad that Ben Bernanke, an unelected official is in control of the nation's money. Is it only obvious to me that this is illegal at best? At its worst, it's sinister. We're about to see what this sort of power does when concentrated in one man/ organization.

This is a very corrupt time.
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