michael (lovebotsrevenge) wrote,

Free speech

Someone in my neighborhood has like fifty super republican signs all over their yard. Along with the pro-Prop102 signs, there are McCain signs, one that says "I think, therefore I am not a democrat", some red, white and blue elephants, a "Red and Proud" sign in the shape of AZ, etc. Like a super over the top right wing family. "Rush is RIGHT"... ha ha. And its cliche. They have huge trucks, big flags, bumper stickers about guardian angels... its an absolute eyesore. I was walking penny today and the guy's yard was destroyed when I walked by. I mean, no sign was left alone. All X'ed out, some now said "bigot asshole" and it looked like the guy's big trash can had been strewn out over the whole front yard. The man who lives there was out there with a bag picking stuff up and he was old. Sixties, sorta heavy, dumb fishing hat, tie dye shirt, teva sandals. He was so sad. Just shocked and picking up the mess that someone had made of his stuff. I walked by him and he looked up at me and he had watery eyes. He just nodded and went back to cleaning up. I put Penny away and helped him pick up what was left. He said he had been so excited for his son to see his yard because they are both big republicans and he thought his kid would get a kick out of it. But someone decided that this dude didn't have the right of free speech, that because his views were different (and more than a little offensive), his right to express them was not valid. I always thought that no matter what, people had respect for that. I have never seen political ads defaced until this time around. I am sure its happened, but I have never seen it so blatant.

This is not a fascist country (yet). We all have the right to have our views and be public about it. No matter how backward or unpopular, we are protected. There is a lack of respect today, even a violence, in people. I wonder how these people would feel if their tactics were used against them?
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