michael (lovebotsrevenge) wrote,

friendly questions from Liam

1. Do you plan on trying to play shows with your solo stuff or is more just for yourself?

~It might be fun to play shows, but I don't have any plans. Right now its just an outlet.

2. I want to do a kind of pop punk (Huntingtons, Queers, GroovieGhoulies) type band, what do you think of the name "the Ladies"?

~That seems too good to be available. If no one has it, I say that's a great name.

3. Why don't you do more shows for your visual art?

~That's a good question. Now that I have more time for that, I will be able to concentrate on making more and actually doing something with it.

4. You've talked about it for a while, but when are you gonna make a comic book?

~I have tried writing some stories and whatnot, but I can't seem to make anything that keeps me interested. I go back and forth but whenever I put something on paper, it feels like I am trying too hard. Like all those new movies that name drop bands. Not that I name drop bands, but trying too hard to be whatever. I guess the short answer is that I want to make one but not until I get a good idea for a story or someone gives me a good idea for a story.

5. A friend of mine Jon, admits he has a thing for crazy girls, do you think that you do, or do you think you've just been "lucky"?

~I have thought a lot about this and the answer that came to me is that the crazy ones put it out there and make it easy for me. Since I'm a little insecure, I go for that faster than I would go for someone of better quality because that involves me going further out on a limb. Also, there is probably a subconscious (or conscious) fear of getting close to someone who is actually cool and losing them as opposed to losing someone who wasn't that cool to begin with. I wouldn't say that I have a "thing" for crazies though.
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