michael (lovebotsrevenge) wrote,

The Language of Love

So many changes abound... plans for this and that, routines smashed, continents traversed, oceans crossed, all for naught. All to return to the Same Old, unchanged and maybe worse for the wear. Because no matter how far you go, you can never get away from you. No matter how much the scenery changes, the seer remains the same. Changing the view is a desperate attempt to not find the fault in yourself. Sure, it's important to shake things up, but maybe you're not in a rut. Maybe you are the rut.

Perhaps you are exchanging one distraction for another. If you surround yourself with people who are exactly like you, you never have to change or grow up or make a hard decision on your own. Weeding out all the uncomfortable people who question you takes away all the potential depth you could acquire by letting yourself get irritated, challenged, questioned, and harassed. It's not always easy to abide these friends, but they are infinitely beyond value. If you've given up on these people, you've dug your own hole, and what a shallow hole it is.
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