michael (lovebotsrevenge) wrote,


the dietrichs got publically and brutally thrashed this past friday on the radio. of the many creative suggestions, my personal favorite is that we should all burn our instruments. but i have my consolations, even if they are simply circumstantial.

first of all, the bands these people like are just washed up bluesrock-rehash bar bands. to be enjoyed by them would mean either an insane departure from the run-of-the-mill bands they like or that we are THAT kind of band. so, it was already kind of stacked against us.

second, that album is almost three years old and the songs are even older. half of the people that were present in the photos of that album are no longer with us, so many things have changed.

third, we got our tunes played on the radio in LA at one in the afternoon. enough said.

fourth, 99% of the bands i respect would not get a glowing review from these guys. Nick Cave is the first one to come to mind. PJ Harvey, too. Joe Strummer would get told that he sings like a crack hoe. Im not comparing us to these amazing musicians. It just gives me hope.

fifth, up yours, Frosty Heidi and Frank.
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